Day 7 – My Plans for Japan

I would be lying if I said I only liked japan, its number 1 on my list but there are two more countries I like,  first its Japan then South Korea then China yeah I know all Asian countries but I like the culture, language, food, people (i mean girls :P).

漫画 (manga), 漫畫 (manhua), and 만화 (漫畫 manhwa) all mean comics in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean respectively. All 3 countries I like have the art I like and they all have their own martial arts which is awesome because I love martial arts and they have cute girls which are my type 😛


uhmhummm…. Let’s get back to topic.

As you all by know that there no way I cant go to Kyoto Seika University to study manga for 4 years because it costs a lot and I cant pay it on my own. So I have decided instead of going to manga school I will go to language school for 2 years and I know I have cleared N4 JLPT but I will start from the beginning again. The language school I have decided to go to is “Akamonkai” in Nippori, Tokyo. You must be confused that why I dropped from manga school to language school, I just want to go to Japan as fast as possible and going to Akamonkai will cost, less even if I want to go to manga school I will still need JLPT N2 to take admission so I will need to study language in japan for a year or a year and a half. Studying in Akamonkai for 2 years will cost at least $20,000-$25,000 (tuition fee + dormitory) and money for other utilities which you can earn from part time jobs.

Why am I choosing Akamonkai Language School?

Reasons :

01. Close to Tokyo’s main cities like Akihbara, Shinjuku, Harajuku, Shibuya

02. They have their own dormitory which is very cheap compared to others.

03. They have 2 campus.

04. Nippori is on Yamnote line which is very convenient.

05. You can choose if you want morning or afternoon classes.

06. 24 hour study room, LOL I wont be studying for 24 hours but it is good to know that when ever I want to study I can go there.

07. They have a Manga library which has over 2,000 manga.

08. They have courses from beginner to intermediate like you can go their even if you cant speak any japanese but for people from China, Mongolia, Vietnam, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka must have a certificate proving they have taken at least 150 hours of Japanese language instruction.

09. Akamonkai has the highest population of Chinese and Korean people. Hi-fi on that 😉

All in all I like the school, there are many other schools find the one that suits you some of you might like quite and uncrowded places, some like beach find the one where you feel will comfortable. Research before deciding.

So that’s how I plan to enter japan. Then I have to study hard and be fluent so I can go to Companies, talk to editors and submit my work.

Then make great manga then find a nice japanese/korean/chinese girl then blah blah blah I dont know and I don’t care. All I know is I want is to go to Japan and become a Mangaka. Rest of it I can figure out later.

These plans wont be executed anytime soon, It will take time for me to earn $30,000, lets hope I can collect it in time.


Day 2 – Competition & Updates


I was just browsing and stumbled upon a competition it’s called Silent Manga it is held by , the rule is to create a manga without any dialogues or back story, you should be able to portray the feelings and explain your story through art alone and if you think about it a manga is about portraying feelings through art that’s why they have those big eyes and extremely detailed expressions. – visit the link to get more information about the competition. This years theme is  “The Finest Smile”. Deadline is march 2014 and both digital draw and hand drawn work are accepted. There is not limit to how many pages or how many stories you can submit.

PS. – Sorry i forgot this to mention earlier but the prize money is 500,000 yen for 1st place.

Its pretty exciting and challenging, I am competing in it as this will be a great first step to my dream of getting serialized in japan. I am gonna work hard, you should too if you are participating

がんばいます :)

Updates :

01. I will be updating this blog once a week as making manga is hard work and learning to make it is even harder.

02. Other than updating blogs I was thinking of doing manga reviews, tutorials and uploading my own work as practice.

Day 1 – The Beginning

Hi, this blog is about me starting my Journey as a Mangaka. You wont get all the answers right away except if I have already become a mangaka and you are reading this after 5-10 years but seriously I am looking for answers myself and the sole purpose of this blog is to help people like me so that you wont have to waste days and days on simple questions like I did. I am not the best person to teach to manga right now as I am starting it myself but I will keep updating this blog as I move forward with my journey, it might end up being boring so if you want an interesting story read “BAKUMAN” a great story which is written by Tsugumi Ohba sensei and drawn by Takeshi Obata sensei they are also the creator of another popular title “DEATHNOTE”.          Death Note Manga

My 5th semester exams just ended today, now I can spend more time making manga. I did start making manga a year ago but lost interest because I wanted to go to Kyoto Seika University in Kyoto, Japan but my parents didn’t allow and didn’t even help me get a loan, so I was all sad and lost interest. Now after an year I have my passion back but my art skills are all rusty I am even having problem in making a normal face. This has made me realize that consistency is very important.

Earl Nightingale said “Don’t let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway. So here I am back to making manga.

I have started working on basics again, this will help other beginners too, now this is just for the art part –

01. Work on you anatomy skills male – female, young to old in every possible pose if possible buy a mannequin, anatomy skills are the most important.

02. Work on perspectives – 1point, 2 point, 3point. In Japan once you get serialized you will get an assistant for background who will take care of perspective for you but its best to know about them because you will be the one telling him/her which perspective to use he/she will only draw it 😛

03. Learn to draw props like sword, gun, helmet, vehicles etc… they are very important too.

04. Also learn about cloths and creases, they will help achieve a certain level of realism.
Now the above point are just basic stuff, I will update it as I move forward with my own training.

Manga is all about expressing. So as advanced techniques

01: Learn about eyes, start from realistic eyes, understand the eye completely before stylizing it in manga form. Watch this video by Sycra –

02. Learn the expressions, you wont have to draw every single wrinkle that formed by expressions but an understand of it will definitely help you.
This is all for today, I will keep posting and updating as I move forward, I don’t know how far I will go, its not easy to be a mangaka in japan.

Bio, not important that’s why i put it in last :  I am 20 now I am a final year student I am doing BA in 3D animation and VFX with minor in designing. I have a fallback career if manga doesn’t work out for me which is lame because i want to be mangaka anyways my fall back is UI/UX designing. MY strong point in manga is writing stories I am making my art better too but I would rather prefer paring up with a manga artist. I am from India so finding manga and manga supplies are very difficult, even if i try to get things from jetpens the shipping goes around $340 for $570 supplies which i wont mind paying if i was making a living out of manga. Lets see how I will go from India to japan and get serialized as a mangaka, I hope it turns out well ^^
Useful links :
Kyoto Seika University – Best college in japan to go to for learning manga, they have a 4 years degree program in manga and they have actual manga artists teach you who know the ins and outs of the industry :

Their manga course :

Watch this video on the school and foreign students, she’s a good friend of mine and she is getting published in a shoujo magazine now :