I am back!!!

Hey, long time no see. I hope your are all doing ok. 6 months it has been, it feels good to be back. For the past 6 months all I did was draw, write and read. I am not really good at the drama part so I’ll just cut the chase and get right to the point.

First off the mistakes I made that you shouldn’t. You see the day I went off grid and days following it I was too excited and started studying everything at once. It was like I was doing portrait in the morning, anatomy in afternoon, figure and poses in evening and after that studying perspective. Well that continued for 4 months after which I met a nice person who is a painter but has color blindness (meaning: he cannot see the colors of the world as they are but see it in a desaturated way not black and white :P), he told me the right way to practice drawing.

And the right way is to take one step at a time, start with what you like, I started with faces coz I thing they carry the most emotions then anatomy then poses then background and so on, dont try to swallow everything at one you will choke like me. So I have been doing it the right way for the past two months. I am still not where I want to be and at this point this is 2% of where I see my self. If you are just starting out too remember quantity matters, the more stroke you put on a paper the better you become.

Thing I did that were right to do, I read a lot for every theory you study you practice it 50 time. Leonardo the Vinci (the only person I consider my teacher and mentor because he was good artist and he is dead. I know one thing about myself is that I cannot learn from teachers who are alive or in a classroom, I need to do thing myself and I do them my way) said :

“He who loves practice without theory is like the sailor who boards ship without a rudder and compass and never knows where he may cast.”

So I guess its time to show my work, I cant show you everything coz I don’t know the exact amount of pages but by reviewing the bill its about 18,000 pages. I might have done about 50,000 sketches if not more and its nearly impossible to take that many photographs but some that are lying on the top I can show and by the by art has made me a philosopher too, let me know if it happened to anyone else.

Sorry for wrinkled  pages I didnt keep them properly.

 (5 minute Portraits)

  (5 minute Portraits)

                                                                       (Watercolor Skin tone study)


  (Hands and feet)


I know I didn’t grow much and I don’t feel good about it, but I will keep drawing until I die I guess, oh that reminds me you see every other motivation fades away after a while but the best motivator is death (I am serious) death is a universal truth for every thing that takes birth. It really works for me try it for yourself and remember:


“A satisfied artist is an artist no longer” 


See I told you I became a philosopher :P. It’s good to be back 🙂


Practice Post : 07

Well I though of a story. The guy is the youngest and the strongest Field Marshal(highest post in world army) earth has ever seen and the girl is the daughter of the king of Oranus (earth is in war with this planet). The guy is captured by the people of oranus and the girl sees him and falls in love. They both run away but are caught by the their people. The two worlds start fighting again as they want to take them to their planet and set an example by killing them but the girl is killed on the crossfire and the guy being the strongest kills the troops of both army alone. Now neither earth nor oranus will accept the guy so he set of to wander the universe alone with his dead love. ^^ Well I portrayed it as a love story but in my dream it was mainstream battle story. I was the guy in the dream but I changed the character a bit by removing the beard and keeping the hairstyle.


Well I know I don’t post a lot now but most of the time I am practicing, I don’t even get time to use facebook or google plus. Well as you know I started with anatomy, I am still going at it and rather than learning the manga anatomy I am learning the real human anatomy then stylizing it to make manga character. You dont have to do it this away. For me this is easy and I have started working on foreshortening and poses too.


Till next time ^__^

Practice Post : 05

Well now that I am as good in drawing as I was a year ago its time to tell you that all I can do now is not even 2% of what my goal as manga artist is. Its time to take the next step ANATOMY!

girl with braidsdifferent sides to a face  boy 01

I have started with anatomy of highschool girl in 2nd or 3rd year(16-18 years old), that is a 6.5 head figure.

0301 02  04 05 06 07 08

(cant draw feets and hands yet :P)

I have only been practicing this for 6 hours so I am as good as any other beginner. I’ll post a tutorial on this once I master it myself.

Tutorial – Manga Writing : 02

This tutorial is an update to Manga Writing, so check that out before reading this or you can read I am gonna talk bout software for writing and pattern to write your story in.

Without wasting any time lets get to it.

Software for writing your concept, synopsis or entire script

3 Software that I have used and that I recommend are:

01. Final Draft – (free & paid)

02. yWriter – (free)

03. Celtx – (free & paid)

01. Final Draft : Right now they have the released 9th version of it but I am using 8 or 8.3. I mostly use final draft to write down my concepts (only concepts). The software is really good and offers a lot of features like thesaurus, text to speech (you can make the software read your script – really cool feature), scene cards (different scenes in different cards (can change the cards color is required)), and many more, check there website for more details. This is also the industry standard software for script writing even James Cameron uses it for Avatar.

02. yWriter : This was the first software that I ever used for writing script, let me say it looks slacky like a windows 98 software(app) but it is very functional. Its user friends, it has a lot of tools to work with like story board time line, database for characters, items(props), locations and not just a simple data base you can add alternate names, images, notes, bio, goals, description of characters. There are a lot more features to this app which even I haven’t explored. Use it if you are a geeky writer and need a feature rich script writing software.

03 Celtx : This is my favorite, I used this to write my scripts. Its very easy to use. It also have a very detailed database more detailed than yWriter. It is available for both mac & pc. Celtx has cloud features you have to pay for it but its not that expensive or if you dont need cloud you can just download their free version. They have a lot of third part tools too, but again you will have to pay for it.

Download their free version, try them for 30 days and decide for yourself that which one is better for you.

Lets move to the interesting part.

Pattern for Writing a script

Many of you might not be interested in the software I mentioned your are happy with using word pad or Microsoft word or any other text editing app available to you.

The pattern for manga script writing goes this way.

Replace the things inside parenthesis () as required for your script

Page 1 : (number of panels on the page)

Panel 1 : (Wide, top down exterior or arial view of city traffic, we see the man and his surroundings)

        Caption : (Add captions if required like why the man was in traffic and other details)

    Panel 2 : (Mid, front view of man bumping into a woman, we see the woman from behind)

        Caption : (There was a soda can lying on the ground man tripped on it and bumped into the woman)


(thinking – what a beautiful lady)

(saying with sorry and calm tone)

Ah, Miss I am so sorry.


(saying with humble tone)

Its ok sir.

Alright this was the easiest and most productive way to write script for manga writers even if you don’t draw your own manga, you can write down every last detail in caption so that the artist can draw close to your imagination.

The best part is the pattern I just described is available in all three software so you wont have to waste time writing Page 1, Panel 1 , Caption the above mentioned software will do it automatically for you.

As for me I only use software now to write down the concepts that I think or dream of. For writing entire script I do a process called “Nemu” in Japanese you can call it storyboarding its the rough layout of the actual manuscript. This way is more creative for me as I can doodle it up while thinking of it and make changes as required. These are some examples of it.

 Find the way that suits you the best. I’ll post update on Writing tutorial as I get more skilled in it.

Thank you for reading ^^

Tutorial – Manga Drawing

How to make Manga? How to be a mangaka? How to draw manga? The most asked questions and the most awaited post of all time, it took me time to make this because I am working my drawing skills as well. So without wasting any time lets get to it ^_^

01. Copy : “Hey rak you want us to start our career by copying?”. That’s right people you have to start by copying other mangaka that’s the 1st step. Every one does it even great mangaka like Kishimoto sensei, Oda sensei, obata sensei, kubo sensei every one started by copying their favorite mangaka. I started by copying Kishimoto sensei. You do the same start by copying your favorite mangaka.

02. Head : Start by practicing head and I mean the whole head – different jaw shapes, hairs, eyes, nose, mouth, ears and don’t just draw the front view try drawing it from different angles like 3/4 view, side view, top view, bottom view, back view. Get familiar with these angles.

03. Expression : Your head means nothing if you cant express fleeing through it. Learn every possible expression. Buy a small desk mirror or have a webcam act it yourself that’s the best thing.

 (not my work)

04. Human Anatomy : Yeah I know its tough but you are not in medical school you don’t have to learn them by name like sternum, scapula, pectoral, deltoids etc just learn to draw them. This is very important you need very good skills of human anatomy because if you understand a normal person’s anatomy you can enhance it to make a super hero, beasts or take it down a notch to make a fat guy or a skinny boy you can do as you wish once you have mastered human anatomy. Practice male and female, young and old there are differences in every body types study them carefully.

05. Dynamic Actions & poses : Once you have anatomy skills this wont give a lot of trouble just kidding it will 😛 not very hard though creating cool poses in perspective takes time. Be sure to be able to create any pose its important.


 Dynamic Action

06. Perspective : There are three kinds of perspective 1-point, 2-point, 3-point this part is easy its just needs a little time to sink in as you will have to draw your characters and other stuff in perspective.

 1 point perspective

 2 point perspective

 3 point perspective

Try to sketch as light as possible as u will need to erase it after inking.

Now as the sketching part is clear lets move to inking part

I am no good at this part yet, but still I’ll tell u things that I do to get better.

I don’t know what to you use to ink your work some use traditionl ink dip pens with g-nib, maru nib, kaburu nib and school nib ad some use micron pens. (more on tools, equipments and papers in a later post)

01. Straight line : Its as easy as it sounds, might take a little time getting used to as your fear of messing things might come in between, it happens to me all the time.

02. Curves :  Practice both long curves like on face, hair and small curves like in eyes and nose.

03. Flicking : I don’t know how to explain this but when you ink hairs rather than following its path precisely try flicking on it to create that broad to thin pattern.

Search for Sycra, Koizu, Sophie Chan and Mark Crilley on youtube for the tutorials they will help you understand it better. I refer to their videos too.

 Happy new year. ^^