Day 2 – Competition & Updates


I was just browsing and stumbled upon a competition it’s called Silent Manga it is held by , the rule is to create a manga without any dialogues or back story, you should be able to portray the feelings and explain your story through art alone and if you think about it a manga is about portraying feelings through art that’s why they have those big eyes and extremely detailed expressions. – visit the link to get more information about the competition. This years theme is  “The Finest Smile”. Deadline is march 2014 and both digital draw and hand drawn work are accepted. There is not limit to how many pages or how many stories you can submit.

PS. – Sorry i forgot this to mention earlier but the prize money is 500,000 yen for 1st place.

Its pretty exciting and challenging, I am competing in it as this will be a great first step to my dream of getting serialized in japan. I am gonna work hard, you should too if you are participating

がんばいます :)

Updates :

01. I will be updating this blog once a week as making manga is hard work and learning to make it is even harder.

02. Other than updating blogs I was thinking of doing manga reviews, tutorials and uploading my own work as practice.