Well this is embarrassing.

Hey there everyone, its been so long a little over a year since I wrote anything here. How have you all been doing, if anyone is still reading this stuff.

Well I am 21 now, got glasses (nearsighted), loosing hair, fairly happy and doing well. I have been reading a lot too.

I am still working at this dead end job but planning to leave soon. I have decided to do my master’s from NID (Nation Institute of Design) so Japan will have to wait I guess, it’s considered one of the top 20 design colleges in the world. Its tough to get in, as for 15 seats 350,000 students apply via 3 stage selection process. I will be applying for Graphic Design discipline and specialize in illustration and type design (people who make fonts; this will surely help me with creating new fictional languages for my story). The process starts from second week of Jan. I will see to it that I do everything to get in. Tough challenges are so fun they make you forget everything around you, I love them: few joys of being alive

I’ll post some work soon.

Let me know how you people are doing.