I am back!!!

Hey, long time no see. I hope your are all doing ok. 6 months it has been, it feels good to be back. For the past 6 months all I did was draw, write and read. I am not really good at the drama part so I’ll just cut the chase and get right to the point.

First off the mistakes I made that you shouldn’t. You see the day I went off grid and days following it I was too excited and started studying everything at once. It was like I was doing portrait in the morning, anatomy in afternoon, figure and poses in evening and after that studying perspective. Well that continued for 4 months after which I met a nice person who is a painter but has color blindness (meaning: he cannot see the colors of the world as they are but see it in a desaturated way not black and white :P), he told me the right way to practice drawing.

And the right way is to take one step at a time, start with what you like, I started with faces coz I thing they carry the most emotions then anatomy then poses then background and so on, dont try to swallow everything at one you will choke like me. So I have been doing it the right way for the past two months. I am still not where I want to be and at this point this is 2% of where I see my self. If you are just starting out too remember quantity matters, the more stroke you put on a paper the better you become.

Thing I did that were right to do, I read a lot for every theory you study you practice it 50 time. Leonardo the Vinci (the only person I consider my teacher and mentor because he was good artist and he is dead. I know one thing about myself is that I cannot learn from teachers who are alive or in a classroom, I need to do thing myself and I do them my way) said :

“He who loves practice without theory is like the sailor who boards ship without a rudder and compass and never knows where he may cast.”

So I guess its time to show my work, I cant show you everything coz I don’t know the exact amount of pages but by reviewing the bill its about 18,000 pages. I might have done about 50,000 sketches if not more and its nearly impossible to take that many photographs but some that are lying on the top I can show and by the by art has made me a philosopher too, let me know if it happened to anyone else.

Sorry for wrinkled  pages I didnt keep them properly.

 (5 minute Portraits)

  (5 minute Portraits)

                                                                       (Watercolor Skin tone study)


  (Hands and feet)


I know I didn’t grow much and I don’t feel good about it, but I will keep drawing until I die I guess, oh that reminds me you see every other motivation fades away after a while but the best motivator is death (I am serious) death is a universal truth for every thing that takes birth. It really works for me try it for yourself and remember:


“A satisfied artist is an artist no longer” 


See I told you I became a philosopher :P. It’s good to be back 🙂


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