Hi I have got some news for you people.

I am going on a Hiatus. Well as you know lately that I have been improving in drawing but my skills right now are not even close to 1% of what I want them to be (I mean to say my drawing sucks right now). I need to get better and fast, I have 5 months left before I graduate from college after that I dont think I will have much free time to spare. So I am going off-grid (no social network, no parties, no blogging, no nothing only drawing) I will be drawing for 14-18 hours a day for next 6 months. There will only be few times when I wont be drawing like when I am sleeping, eating, bathing or I am in toilet XD. Anyways I cant promise that I will come back exactly after 6months, if I get better fast I’ll be back early or might take a little more time than 6 months.

For people who have read or watched Naruto or One Piece – you can think of this departure as a when Naruto left his village with Jiraya train or when Luffy left to train with Rayleigh. XD

I am not saying I am them and I dont even I have a real teacher I will be training on my own only (I have some mentor who I like to think will be watching over me ^^ I’ll talk about them when I get back). But if I ever want to be like a character I want to be like Zoro and learn skills from the Devil himself ^^

Anyways I might post on 31st March when I submit my manga for the competition. I will simply post it to let you how my first manga ever turns out. It wont mean I am back. My training starts tomorrow 10th February 2014 so I know that I wont be back before 10th July 2014.

It was pleasure knowing you all, even though it was for a short time I really appreciate all you support, likes, comments and everything. Your support was something that kept me on track but from here I have to figure things out myself.

And I know this post sounds a little dramatic and cheesy, well I want to make manga and create world’s best stories, so its given that I would make this post a little dramatic 😛

K then Time to say Good bye ^._.^

Thank you, ありがとうございます, 감사합니다, 謝謝 , Merci, Danke schön, Grazie, Благодарю вас! , Gratias vobis ago.


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