Practice Post : 07

Well I though of a story. The guy is the youngest and the strongest Field Marshal(highest post in world army) earth has ever seen and the girl is the daughter of the king of Oranus (earth is in war with this planet). The guy is captured by the people of oranus and the girl sees him and falls in love. They both run away but are caught by the their people. The two worlds start fighting again as they want to take them to their planet and set an example by killing them but the girl is killed on the crossfire and the guy being the strongest kills the troops of both army alone. Now neither earth nor oranus will accept the guy so he set of to wander the universe alone with his dead love. ^^ Well I portrayed it as a love story but in my dream it was mainstream battle story. I was the guy in the dream but I changed the character a bit by removing the beard and keeping the hairstyle.


Well I know I don’t post a lot now but most of the time I am practicing, I don’t even get time to use facebook or google plus. Well as you know I started with anatomy, I am still going at it and rather than learning the manga anatomy I am learning the real human anatomy then stylizing it to make manga character. You dont have to do it this away. For me this is easy and I have started working on foreshortening and poses too.


Till next time ^__^


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