Tutorial – Manga Writing

Most of you wont read this article as you want to get to drawing part fast but writing a story is very important, keeping readers interested is the main goal of a manga. Drawing manga is hard work you don’t wanna do it twice for the same script so make sure you script is perfect then move to the drawing process.

Making a manga requires two things :

01. Manga Writing : A good story is heart of manga, your story should have the power to keep people interested in it. Art has the privilege to be good or not so good but if story isn’t good it wont sell.

02. Manga Drawing : In a manga they only way to explain your story to reader is by art so art process is as import as writing a story.

Well then lets start

Things you need to write a good story :

01. Concept : You concept can come from anywhere like a dream, a person you met, a real life event but mostly concepts come from others concept. Let me give you can example u must know Naruto even if you don’t know keep reading. Masashi Kishimoto sensei once said in an interview that the concept of Naruto came from concept of Goku from Dragon Ball Z. (1st pic – goku, 2nd pic – naruto)

I know you can make out the similarities like blonde spike hair, blue-orange dress color, and they have a similar attitude too (shounen attitude). So what i am trying to say its complete fine to get inspired by other stories or concept and then create your own be sure not to steal it completely though.

02. Genre : Now decide on your genre its very important. Lets have an example imagine you have a concept of a love story now a good writer can make a love concept in a horror genre (like protagonist and heroin face an awful lot of horror stuff but they help each other and in the end they survive and fall in love) or a horror concept in love genre. You can introduce comedy genre in a suspense story anything is possible, widen your comfort zone, you might only be good with writing thrillers or love stories but introduce other genre in your story too, it creates a dynamism, readers like it but don’t over do it, it will cause negative effect.

03. Main character : Even if you cant draw, doodle something on a page because when you start writing story your biggest problem will be a blank page and you wont know where to start.

Maintain a notebook or a sketchpad or a binder for each project and keep everything in it like ideas, sketches or doodle, panels, names, schemes etc.

04. SET : Now you need a set or world to place your story in for example World of ninjas in Naruto, world of pirates in one piece or soul society in bleach, you can use our existing world or past or future, define this world in as much detail as possible, don’t fear if you don’t know how to sketch, write down everything, with the help of your details the artist will be a able to create something close to your imagination.

Naruto World

One Piece World

Bleach World

05. B.M.E : You must be wondering what does B.M.E stands for, well its simple – Beginning Middle End.

You must have heard about the 3 act rule, same thing applies here too. Think of a story as a music you cant have everything on high note then it will be just noise, u need to have a phasing in a story, ups and downs.

What is 3 Act rule?

Its like this :

Act 1: The protagonist need to accomplish some thing so he/she sets on a journey to complete their goal. At the end of act 1 he/she is very sad about things in their life but somehow gets motived about their goal and moves forward.

Act 2 : The act 2 can also be called the point of no return, there is so much at stake that there no way the protagonist can turn back. At the end of act 2 he/she is all defeated and demotivated the ending of act 2 and starting of act 3 are the peak of the story as the end of act 2 should be the lowest point the protagonist can hit with his failure and ~

Act 3 : ~ The starting of act 3 should be the highest point he can achieve in his life the point when he has accomplished his goals. The end of act 3 is just to end the story in a way that everything after it looks good, of course in your mind that’s how writers keep the story alive by making people think about their story even after its ended.

A really simple chart to understand.

This is how I write my stories, I hope this helps you. I myself break the rules of story making many times, you can do it too. Remember a story will get published if it is good – no other factor is involved.

Keep a watch.
(I’ll be posting an update to this tutorial in future and I will also make a tutorial on art, all my tutorials will be constantly updated as my skills evolve.)

3 thoughts on “Tutorial – Manga Writing

    1. I haven’t looked at it but I am sure it must have good features. As I have been moving forward with my work I have discovered that a pencil and paper are better than any software, I maintain this journal and I record everything in it my dreams, day to day experiences, stories, quotes, poetry, research stuff, doodles and sketches and for some reason it feels more personal. You should try different things so that you can find that one thing that works for you.

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